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Vintage later 1980s early 1990s Tissavel soft sleek luxury leopard animal print faux fur swing coat 3/4 very glamorous like new rockabilly


This is a fab coat by Tissavel from the late 1980s early 1990s very high quality thread density so really sensual texture and gorgeous sheen, so soft. 
The style too is superb with lovely swing from the shoulders as you walk; a glamour altogether missing from modern faux fur coats. 

So this is a coat that can be worn for sophisticated glamour co-ordinated with neutrals, camels etc, or with the perennial rockabilly look, or with edgy little black dress or indeed black jeans boots and sweater.


It looks similar to one that Poison Ivy of The Cramps used to wear; hers had this high quality sheen too. So if that is your style this is for you! Hurry up before I change my mind I have a long one myself but I just may delist this and swap as its even nicer than mine! Really is a luxurious one.

Will fit a size UK 8-14 perhaps a 16. 


You need a quality faux leopard print coats they never go out of style. Quality being the key word here. I recall them selling these in the 1980s in Camden Electric Ballroom market, I lusted after but couldn't afford the £400 price tag at the time. They also had in Peter Jones, the high end Chelsea dept store, and Harrods. So that shows how they appealed to the well heeled and the rockabilly and goth crowd. Tissavel did some nice faux furs before, but this was the period they became market leaders with this new quality faux, along with Apparence,  Deray and Couture Helene. A mark of quality even if your senses are deadened to the deluxe sensuality of the fabric over modern counterparts!

Vintage 1980s 1990s Tissavel soft sleek luxury leopard animal print rockabilly

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