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Vintage 1980s 1990s Red Cashmere & wool fitted knee length coat fit flare military black velvet gold buttons Redcoat British 18th century


Part of the 'Whiskey in the Jar' vintage 1990s does 18th century collection! Be sure to watch the video! And play Metallicas song on another tab from 20 seconds in! 


Ah such an exquisite double breasted real pillar box rich red coat from the early 1990s perhaps late 1980s I suspect but no label apart from the composition which is 20% cashmere and 73% virgin wool. Lovely luxurious quality velvet collar and rear half belt, with a gorgeous fit and flare shape and in immaculate condition, rest assured it is quality composition and a kicking style not high st. 
Perhaps someone like Mansfield or Cojana/Harrods, or a high end dept store brand. 

It is a UK size 10 though I am a size 8 and can wear it's gorgeous, very sexy cut and not too heavy weight. 

So this coat came in to me at the same time as two early 1990s Mondi military style jackets and a Laura Ashley gown (see my other listings for those) and seeing them altogether it just hit me : these are all garments that conjour up the 1990s song by Metallica Whiskey in the Jar, a cover of the Phil Lynott version (Thin LIzzy 1970s) but actually the song dates back to late 16th early 17th century in one form or other. 

"Now some men like a fishin'
And some men like the fowlin'
And some men like to hear
To hear the cannonball roarin'
Me, I like sleepin'
'Specially in my Molly's chamber
But here I am in prison
Here I am with a ball and chain, yeah..."

So I needed another character who liked the fishin' and the fowlin',  and of course to cart our arrested highwayman off to Gaol after his gunning down of Captain Farrell , so for sure a British redcoat as they took Irish highway robbery very seriously it was not just a matter for the local Captains and militias. Not that this is particularly early 18th century they'd have had huge cuffs, but its very iconic of the British red coat generally perhaps later, and of course minimized a little. This is a gorgeous ladies coat after all not a cosplay piece! That's just for fun and fantasy which fashion should be about when we raid the past for romantic inspiration. 

While the period military look keeps coming back into fashion largely because most of us girls like all that romance and heroism of pirates and highwaymen,  and like to appropriate a bit of that vibe for ourselves with the thigh boots n 'all, you will struggle to find this kind of quality. At the time, Ralph Lauren Mansfield and Vivienne Westwood joined Mondi with that dipping in to history to inspire, and later in the 90s, the look was adapted by rock chicks and fashionistas with leather pants and the frilly shirts and a bit of labels like Dark Star and Religion . Within a few years of the start of the decade the look was back with the likes of All Saints and Temperley in particular. But, there is no finer quality than these pieces and you will struggle to find certainly not in the high st interpretation of the look. And if you want to pull it off seek quality as that never goes out of fashion: only mass tat dates. So it's how you wear it....this looks fab with long boots, and who not your frilly shirt cuffs pulled out? So romantic....

Vintage 1980s 1990s Red Cashmere wool fitted knee length coat fit flare military

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