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Vintage 1980s 1990s Lucien Daville Paris Harrods faux fur coat rich dark brown glossy soft quality swing trapezium shape petite


"Show me show me show me....Soft and"  sang the Cure in 1987 in 'Looks Like Heaven' and at that time Harrods did some magnificent quality faux fur coats names like Couture Helene, Apparence and ...Lucien Daville of Paris. The name conjours up bedevilment:  Cruella Deville, or 'Devil' temptation of glamour, spring to mind but at the same time the soft and sleek nature and gentle swing of this coat are indeed just like Heaven. 


Whether it's meant for a petite or simply a less ostentatious manifestation of the broad shoulder longer swing coats I don't know, if the latter then this one would be earlier 1990s rather than 80s. It still have the cute and flirtatious trapezium shape but less fullness and length, and sturdy but smaller shoulders. So a little small for me really to pull off effectively with my former gymnast shoulders 5ft 5 ins and high heels; it would suit someone around 5ft 3 inches or under of small frame. Though will fit up to a size UK 12. 

It's a very lovey coats so so soft and sleek and rich brown colour and you know if it's Daville and Harrods it's as quality as faux fur gets. 

So if you have always loved this style but think yourself too petite for most, then this is the one for you! 
And as for being lonely as the Cure sang well you will never feel it when you have this beauty to snuggle in to...and wont be long before a lover appreciates holding you in it's warm sensual embrace too!
And if you are here shopping for a gift for your loved one, what better gift than a luxurious faux fur from Harrods to make her glow?



Vintage 1980s 1990s Lucien Daville Paris Harrods faux fur coat rich dark brown

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