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Vintage 1980s 1990s black real sheepskin flying jacket fully sheepskin lined warm aviator rocker shearling mouton


Fabulous vintage aviator flying jacket in black, with almost charcoal grey areas. This is a natural 'matt' black look which contrasts nicely with the dark and more glossy black sheepskin fur. 

It zips cross body, and is marked a UK size 16 but while it will fit that size, it will be fine for a UK size 12 or 14 (or even 10 if very tall) given the current loom for wearing these jackets in a looser fashion. 

Most of us have bought faux sheepskin jackets and you know what they are like: poor quality and don't keep you warm and the charity shops & landfills are full of them. STOP! Buy the real thing as these types of jackets were used by bomber crews at 5 miles high and -40 degrees. They actually keep you warm so you can sit in your home this winter in this, cosy and comfy and not use the heating at all if you so choose! So they are a fab investment on all fronts.

This could be unisex I guess too as it is a larger size. 


Made in Turkey, which is renowned for its quality & workmanship with leather & sheepskin.

These black ones as opposed to the natural brown colours, started to appear more in the late 1970s, and topically I have used Motorhead's 'Bomber' as inspiration. However, this particular one , by 'Leathercraft'' has an 0800 care number so that makes this around 1985; but there is little about this company on the net so that suggests it's pre 1995. 


I certainly recall the goth. metal and rockabilly girls wearing the black ones late 1980s.
Nowadays these classic styles whatever the colour find favour with the vintage motoring & motorcycle enthusiasts; but they are also of course worn by every self respecting fashionista with a bit of sense about sustainability , saving on heat, staying warm, and lasting a few decades before finally being biodegradable. 


This one does have a bit of age look to it; but that can ad to the character of course; and there are no major marks or flaws I can see.


I also stock (though not on Etsy as they are new), flying helmets in sheepskin, which I am prepared to add at cost price (£45 including retro goggles) if you really want to go whole hog on the bomber pilot look, or simply for keeping your head warmer than you have ever been before in sub zero temps! So email me and if you want, then I will add the wholesale price to the cost of the jacket.


Ideal for Autumn or coo Spring evenings in beer gardens, walking the dogs on frosty freezing fog mornings, queuing for winter gigs, or against the chill factor at your local point to point.



Vintage 1980s 1990s black real sheepskin flying jacket fully sheepskin lined

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