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A gorgeous example of Kenzo, who sadly died October last year, early 1980s pieces.

It has the late 1970s/early 1980s bronze & aqua label.

Has a Russian cossack feel about it, which Kenzo flirted with from time to time. Button front is covered by the faux astrakhan trim; only top button is visible.

It is semi fitted, but can be belted with a soft real leather belt so price includes the contemporary leather obi which are de rigeur atm on runway especially with velvets, as are the leg of mutton sleeves/shoulder structure for a romantic power look so all styled for you just add jeans & boots! And the belt of course you can wear with other items!

The shoulders aren't padded at all but structure of shoulders appears so! Nicely done.

It is a UK size 10/12 continental size 40, but I am size UK 6/8 and would wear belted. I normally sell the eco friendly tanned leather obi belts at £75 alone, so this is a nice buy together.

VIntage 1980 Kenzo Cossack jacket mutton sleeve black velvet faux astrakhan

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