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Judging from the style of this fitted gorgeous luxury sheepskin coat with huge fur cuffs and plush collar, it is likely from the mid to late 1970s rather than the earlier Penny lane type (an anachronism as they were never called that anyway). Has more subtle features as the style moved more toward lapel sheepskin classics, though this retains a definite 70s look rather than  the very late 70s and 8s classic sheepskins and western styles.


The body is a warm beige taupe grey, and the collar and cuffs & interior. pale grey.

The measurements are 36 inch bust 34 inch waist 38 inch hips 18 inch shoulders,  but remember that thick shearling retourne lining on the inside so probably best suited to a UK 10 or small 12. I am an 8 and a bit big for me but perfectly wearable but would better for fitted look on UK 10 or small 12. 

It is toasty warm, the day I shot this was freezing & warmest of all. But, its fairly light and easier to wear in less cold conditions.

Incredible really sheep feed us (lamb my fave food by far!) , produces up to 30 pounds of wool a year and each pound makes 10 miles of yarn. Plus the best quality make up has lanolin! And that wool and sheepskin has incredible insulating capability with sheepskin flying jackets keeping bomber crews alive WWII in -55 temperatures as no heating. Amazing stuff, I've even studied an old cosmonaut suit lined with wool. 

And being a jacket, more suitable for all year round in UK as it always feels like Autumn to me . We did get a summer last year it was 3 days in October ha ha. As I am from a nation with -30 winters and +35 summers,  the UK by contrast is like Forever Autumn! And always things falling out of the sky be it conkers acorns blossom hailstones snow rain etc. And maybe....just maybe something else.....


And so my 'Spirit of the Age' song coinciding with estimated date of this coat is Forever Autumn by  Justin Hayward, from the concept album 'War of the Worlds' by Jeff Wayne 1976-78. 


"The summer sun is fading as the year grows old,
And darker days are drawing near,
The winter winds will be much colder,
Now you're not here...."

'The chances of anything coming from Mars were a Million to One they said' in another track from the album and yet they came, and they had in 1950s movie with fab technology ships, but when they came in the 70s they were tripod thingies looking a bit steampunk on album artworks. 

The Rezillos belted out Flying Saucer attack too 1978 , and year later the seminal 'Alien' was made really stands test of time as well as this coat. But that alien itself was scary and 
strong. The War of the Worlds aliens, like the dodgy looking alien mummies from Peru, were pretty wimpy, and the latter just happen to look like internet awash with fake alien invasion psyop laughter afterward, esp with those crap pilot videos from USAF.

"There's a threat approaching from the stars
All the horrors from Venus and Mars
Everybody'd better be on guard
When the flying saucers land
Watch the skies above the horizon
For the spies who have no flies on
When they appear through the stratosphere
Better lock yourself inside..."

Rezillos Flying Saucer Attack 1978

yeah don't even think about locking us up inside again on that excuse heh heh!

 Of course what beat the Martians in the end was they lacked good immune system so fell to our common viruses like colds. Also hardly surprising as they always seem to be naked which not suitable for our climate ha ha. So doubt they get much vitamin D either. 


WAIT.... Sherlocked it. THEY ARE COMING FOR OUR SHEEP! They have no technology as efficient!  Did you know vitamin D£ is from sheep wool lanolin too as well as from the meat? Vitamin D massive important for immune system boost. And they are freezing so need warm stuff to wear. Reports of livestock being abducted by UFOs began around same time 1970s. See their scout ships that buzzed the WWII bomber crews who dubbed them foo fighters, noticed the sheepskins and it took the a while to get back with their main invasion force! 

So get yours now....before aliens take them all  & this is a beauty! And of's a 'grey' ....

Vintage 1970s warm taupe grey real sheepskin shearling jacket penny lane fitted

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