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Vintage 1970s high quality cream buff beige Tourmaline Mink & warm grey Leather fit and flare real fur coat stripe fitted stylish flattering


An exquisite 1970s fit and flare real mink coat with the waist part in leather so it is very flattering. Ideal for a size 8-10 UK size. 


The mink is a cream or pearl colour, with natural pale beige/buff tones: natural not dyed this mutation or mid between summer/winter coat change  known as Tourmaline, and the leather is a pale pastel warm pearl grey.


These coats with leather work on came in to fashion big time around 1973 and were done through to the late 1970s so difficult to put a date on it but I'd day this an early one due to the wide waistband style and the wide top collar. So I'd estimate around 1972-75, as it still has some sixties elements in the style. What makes this special is that often these coats were done with strips of mink, or faux fur,  but this has full mink pelt on the back and sleeves and the panels of mink on the skirt also. Beautiful quality and cut workmanship.


No makers label, so conceivable the lining is newer but still looks 70s so not sure. Definitely a highly skilled craftsmanship furrier piece and many such didn't label their garments as high end boutiques would add their own on purchase direct to it is not unusual. Sometimes they were made for specific clients to measure, but then they'd usually have initials of the client embroidered inside. Other times they were purchased by designers and high end fashion companies to complement their collections and them sold on sometimes at the show so never had labels put in. 


As well as the leather waistband and stripes on the skirt area, the underside of the arms and cuffs are also leather as are the buttons and strip down the front . Also, the back of the collar is leather so it will stand up too. 

There are belt loops should you want to add a belt but I feel this would mark the pale leather and no signs of one ever being worn with it. That wide wasp waistband and bulk above and below was very 'in' at the time and a belt would take away from that visual. 

Immaculate condition no marks damage or cracking of pelts or leather. 


A very beautiful coat and if you are after a vintage fur that doesn't look like grandma's this could be the one! Fashionistas who get the '70s aesthetic will appreciate; I could just see Sienna Miller in something like this in Factory Girl for eg; very 1970s Venus in Furs;   or for the contemporary sculpted silhouette Jitrois leather/fur vibe girl

Vintage 1970s Tourmaline Mink & warm grey Leather fit and flare real fur coat

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