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Vintage 1970s tapestry borg faux fur jacket Autumn colours iconic Bus Stop Lee Bender style unlabelled Glam Rock '70s does 1930s swing short


"But life goes on, you know it ain't easy
You've just gotta be strong if you're one of the six teens"


Well the Sweet song of 1974 'Six Teens' was about teens of 1968 a few years on disappointed with the fizzle out of social revolutionary fervour, but the song became the anthem of a generation of working class 16 year old secondary modern school leavers in 1974, Who were never particularly involved in such, living a far more hedonistic 'for kicks' subculture and their rebellion was rather more grounded. They had Glam Rock, racey Triumph cars, platform boots and they had awesome new fashions courtesy of the likes of Lee Bender and Bus Stop. This jacket in fact is the exact same borg faux fur fabric as one that Bus Stop did, and almost the same style. There's no label though, so whether it is one of their or a copy by another high st label I don't know. Certainly there were two styles, both swing back slightly flared and flared cuffs which could be turned back, this one with the wide collar, slightly more tailored fit, and normal-ish shoulders, and another with the more 'Biba' shoulders and attached tie scarf. 


This one is I would say a size UK 6-8 these days though is marked a 12, that is because vintage sizing was different. Will fit up to a 34 bust though, so a size 10 if you don't mind the tighter fit.

Anyway ask your Mum or Nan if they remember these jackets and if they have fond memories of 1974 ish and betcha a smile will come to their face! You were the bees knees if you had one of these as a teenager! And you'd have likely worn with ideal for the new flared cut pants now in vogue.

Vintage 1970s tapestry faux fur jacket Autumn colours iconic Bus Stop style

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