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Vintage 1970s original Radley dress angel butterfly sleeves boho Seventies black ankle length maxi.


So whenever I see a Radley dress there are two things that come straight to mind.
Firstly the David Hockney painting of Ossie Clark ,their famous designer, & his wife from 1969-74 Celia Birtwell who did many of their prints. This hasn't got an Ossie Clark label just the Radley one, but it's clear in the vein of his pieces with the butterfly sleeves and bodice detail.

The second is the song by The Jam. Not related at all , but there's something of the spirit of Liza Radley, a girl who didn't fit in to small time life, a bit boho & on a different plane perhaps, and tripped round summer lawns at midnight. And one can imagine this dress doing just that! And you always get a period song from me for the item though the song is about 5 years later than the dress likely is. 


"Liza Radley, see the girl with long hair
See her creeping 'cross summer lawns at midnight
And all the people in the town where we live say she's not quite right
She don't fit in with a small town"


Anyway the dress is a size UK 8 and has a lovely tie detail so flattering, and the bust area is lovely with the fabric covered buttons and cut. The fabric is polyester , but no damage to it so in excellent vintage condition it's been looked after. 


It comes down to my ankles I am 5ft 5 ins. So Maxi length.

A fab 'entry level'  intro to Radley at a reasonable price! An Ossie Radley one well you won't get much change from a grand. Yet this has the same spirit for sure.


Al Radley himself has an interesting life he was a merchant sea man in WWII and befriended Ann Frank's father and was present for the Yalta peace conference. Nice obituary about his life here

So ladies get your lurex hosiery out and rock Abigail's Party this season, or simply float around a festival field dancing through the night the dawn breaks....

RESERVED do not buy! Vintage 1970s Radley dress angel butterfly sleeves maxi

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