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Stunning vintage 1970s faux fur and real leather flattering fitted shape and flared from waist, with a tie 'dagger' end belt. The design is one that was popular in the UK from c 1973 to 1978 with subtle variations & quality depending on manufacturer. The first ones were real mink with leather in various panel and leather sides underarms strips strands etc as they used up the smaller mink pieces and made the coats less expensive for sale to a younger and working class clientele. Even so, they were still pricy so faux furs swiftly followed, some with poorer quality fur and faux leather, right up to this luxury garments with real leather and exceptional quality 37% cotton faux fur and an excellent mimic of real 'Tourmaline' (ivory with beige tones) mink very much in demand in the 70s. 


It is a size UK 12 but smaller sizes means its probably more suited to a UK 10 these days.

The glam rock girls were growing up and wanted some sophisticated glamour and these coats when  of this quality fitted the bill: it is an exquisitely glamorous luxury item that would have been relatively affordable next to the real thing. 


"There's a new sensation
A fabulous creation....

Dance on moonbeams
Slide on rainbows
In furs or blue jeans
You know what I mean?
Do the strand! (Ooh!) "


Sang Roxy Music in 1973 , and it was re-released 1978 , and that is the period these coats were made, and the song refers to wearing furs to dance in! The Strand however was an imaginary dance craze, though it seemed apt to use as inspiration for the coat video (longer version on my Instagram),


On this particular coat the 'strands' of leather form a 'cage' pattern which flares out from the waist, in which panels of the luxurious faux fur are set. Leather also is on the underside of the arms , the waist area, the belt and covered buttons. There are also brass ring loops on the waist area.

A special coat sure to get lots of admiration a real style statement from the Seventies.

Vintage 1970s luxury fit and flare faux fur and real leather coat ivory colour

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