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Vintage 1970s black suede & thick sheepskin collar 'Penny Lane' rocker flying jacket biker incarnation gothic fleece lined warm fitted


We think this is a 1970s jacket, because the size label is a UK 16. There's now way t's that, more like a UK 12. Yes we know this specific style was rebooted by leather merchants in the 1990s, but they tended to be branded and with normal lining. This has no branding, quite an archaic care label I've seen on other mid 70s jackets, and that 16 size tag, plus a fleece lining. Certainly would keep you warm on a motorcycle pillion or alone


It's very figure flattering - bear in mind it is large for me I am a size 6-8 but on a 10 or 12 UK size you are going to really rock it.

And. you will have to be a rock chick to appreciate this. 

So puts it we think about the same time as Mungo Jerry's 'Long Legged Woman Dressed in Black' and because its so flattering it will look fab with long black boots etc. 

If you are here looking for a pretty Penny Lane jacket sorry....

this is not for you 'My Pretty Pretty' .... 

as Anita Pallenberg may have said (Black Queen in Barbarellla and a rock chick herself)

The seams are traditional leather flying jacket style but echo the fit, so hence the very figure flattering look.

The panels are black and very dark grey another flying jacket technique. Bikers will be familiar with this...but they won't have seen many with this Penny Lane X style. 

The sheepskin collar is thick deep and warm around the neck.


There is some slight fading and general wear, and a mark on the centre top back (please look at photos). But hey you are going to wear this jacket to keep you warm sat outside he pub , queuing for a gig, or even on a motorcycle; and for such purpose there is a hell of a lot of life in in yet. Would go down a treat at the Ace Cafe.'s been worn in for you by someone who clearly wore it a lot and loved it.

Vintage 1970s black suede sheepskin collar 'Penny Lane' rocker flying jacket

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