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Vintage 1970s 80s does Edwardian 1930s 1940s 1950s green mouton sheepskin swing fur jacket coat cape angel sleeves couture art deco nouveau


Incredible swing vintage mouton sheepskin jacket in a moss green, with cape like silhouette but actual sleeves ('angel' cut very flared). This is such a timeless piece but paradoxically of many times: 'Golden Years' elegance with couture craftsmanship, and a subtle yet head turningly glamorous garment. There are motif embellishments in multiple fabric on the jacket reinscent of Art Nouveau and as such would be right at home with such a look, but then the shape is also very Art Deco. Then also 1940s and 1950s trapezium shape: that period was when mouton in its heyday, and while vast majority were dark brown, there was the odd dyed one at high end. But the label - Elios Furs (suggesting Italian Greek or Swiss manufacture or merchant perhaps) - has a very mid to 1970s mixed upper & lower case logo. So this puts it firmly in that period.

So I used Bowie's 'Golden Years' and you can really imagine someone like Iman rocking this at Studio 54, but then also one could imagine it being worn by day say for a statement at a winter horse racing meeting.

The mid 1970s had a huge resurgence of interest in Art Nouveau, deco, and 1940s & 50s styles, and this jacket covers all bases. So whoever deigned it knew what they were doing to appeal to all those looks. yet with a very contemporary edge but effortless classic elegance.

I've never seen anything quite like it tbh, so beautiful. and another bonus is, while I am a size UK 6-8 it will also fit up to a size UK 18 !

I am so tempted to keep it, as it goes with so many vintage looks yet also contemporary with long boots, or would even go with palazzo pants for eg for a modern spin on the 1940s. Fabulous for those 'Vogue' selfies on special occasions just stretch your arms and voila: angel!

The fur is so soft and smooth, very sensual, and has a lovely satin like sheen which in the right light one can note the natural golden hue beneath the dye as it were. So stunning. The lining seems to be silk or similar high quality, with a nouveau-paisley like pattern in charcoal green grey.

Do I sell it or not? I don't know. I'll put it on for now but be quick before I change my mind.

Vintage 1970s 80s does Edwardian 30s 40s 50s green mouton sheepskin swing jacket

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