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Vintage 1960s sublime quality suede and huge sheepskin collar & cuffs and hem coat interior quilted Penny Lane Mod New Psych Boho


This is as good as 'Penny Lane' coats get, make no mistake about it it's a beautiful quality piece, as you'd expect if you are in the kn ow about Cherry of London the makers. They did some incredible pieces in the 1960s and early 70s that combined high fashion, street edge, and exquisite quality manufacture. They'd been going since at least the 1940s making coats but there is little information about them. But I've yet to see a piece that isn't fabulous.

Will fit ideally a UK size 8 though fine for a size 6 or a 10. I may yet be quick before I change my mind.

'Penny Lane' to refer to these coats is an anachronism as they weren't known as this at the time. The look was pioneered in the early 1960s by brands such as Lillie Ann with real fur, but later greater fitting came in with the Mod craze for suede, and sheepskin and also movies such as 'Aphaville' and Dr Zhivago, as well as the influence of the 'yak' coat mid 60s. Ann Karina in Alphaville rocked the 'scooter cut; fur bottom hem trim in fur and that became a Mod craze. This one has an element of that with the sheepskin fur trim just starting to climb in front. 
And the collar and cuffs are just HUGE, and so warm and snuggly.


Riddle me this, Frank Gorshin as the Riddler may have asked in the 60s cult tv series:

"when is something at the same time cool, and warm, and hot? "


"Cool disposition, just hanging by a thread...

Is it a question of love, ha
Is it a state of mind, no, no, no, no
It's a question of, it's a question of
It's a question of, it's a question of
Of temperature, yeah...."


sang the now cult  garage/psych band 'Balloon Farm' in their 1967 classic 'a Question of Temperature'  , and that lyric and the coat give us the answer to the riddle.

This coat is HOT. It is UBER SEXY sensual, suede as soft as chamois, and those huge cuffs and collar sooo frame your naughty little gloved hands and your face pretty pretty, as Anita Pallenberg may have said...

This coat is WARM as despite its very fine suede exterior , inside it is quilted slightly.

Buttons are lovely too and the fit so fit and flare flattering.


This coat is COOL because...well look at it ...Heavens-a-Betsy do you need it explained Daddy-O? If you can't see it then slide out man... it's not for you. But if you can well you tuned into my frequency ice-baby and you know it's a a-ok for you! Don't hesitate it's far out will struggle to find a better quality one. 


There are one or two tiny marks but nothing to speak of and otherwise immaculate condition.

If your lover don't appreciate you in this...a tip...they ain't worth having and simply have no blood in their veins or brain cells or other. This is a coat that gets guys walking in to lamposts. A definite coat for seduction as well as style....

Vintage 1960s quality suede & huge sheepskin collar & cuffs hem Penny Lane coat

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