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This is a fabulous real coney (rabbit) fur coat with ivory crinkle patent leather on the front, front side waist, pockets and back half belt detail. 


It has that Jean Varon ie John Bates designer look of the 1960s, though it has no label. His designs of course were much mimicked, the monochrome designs especially in coney fur being popularized by Diana Rigg as Emma Peel (M-Appeal tv land jargon of the time for man appeal) as he designed her wardrobe, and the pair became household names. Until then both Cathy Gale (Honor Blackman) and to start with Emma, wore leather and Cathy featured in a series 3 episode as a member of a biker gang. But series 4 saw Emma riding a Vespa and in the Jean Varon designs in turn influenced by Mod and Bridget Riley Op Art. While we aren't suggesting at all this is Jean Varon, it certainly is of that Mod monochrome vibe of the time, so important to have the background as to how that came about. It may be slightly later possibly 1966-1969 I would suggest.



Bust 34 ins = 86.3 cms
Waist 30 ins =76.2 cms
Hips 38 ins = 96.5 cms
Length 34 ins = 86.3 cms
Shoulders 17 ins = 43 cms

Ideally for a UK size 10 though smaller or even a small 12 would be fine.


The fur is glossy and soft, and the patent leather (at least we think it is it appears more substantial than faux leather) shows now cracking though it does have that 'crinkle' look that you get on 'kinky' boots of the time. Can't guarantee it is leather but it appears so. While you can tell it is of an age, and has I suggest been worn a lot likely Mod revival as well as originally, and possibly more lately at 60s events, Goodwood Revival etc, it is in very good vintage condition. But all the seams appear sound and no drying out of the fur. Lining is pretty pristine indeed I'd say it may have been relined at some point. 


The half belt must have had a button attaching the separate pieces at one time but as they hang there well I am not inclined to put them back as a half belt I like as they are.
The fastening at the front is with black plastic circular buttons.

If you are in to the 60s revival, Mod or Ska this is the coat you've been looking for! A real statement piece.


Thanks to Glenn of Margate for the loan of his 1963 Lambretta for the shoot. You can get an indication as his scooter is real peal white, that the leather is more cream or ivory. So not ideal to wear with bright white but ideal with any other colour especially black or eg red.

Vintage 1960s Mod monochrome ivory patent leather & glossy black coney fur coat

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