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Vintage 1960s Black Frank Russell Mansfield wool twill jacket real shearing mouton fur sheepskin trim Mod Classic Day Evening wear versatile


"I believe that you and me last forever
Oh yeah, all day and night time yours, leave me never..."


Sang the Kinks in 1964 with 'All Day and All of the Night" and this period mid 1960s wool twill and real mouton (sheepskin) fur trim may not quite last forever but it's having a damn good go!. Which of course those of us who know Frank Russell and his Mansfield label know. In excellent condition and in addition , it is suitable for wear all day...and all of the night! 


Such a classic while it is is certainly a 'Mod' piece it could actually be worn with almost any period style. This will also look fab with a forties or fifties, even Edwardian, or 1970s outfit!


It is always good to have a jacket that looks formal at work but can also take you out in the evening with just a little more make up! This looks great even with jeans and boots, a just above knee length pencil skirt or a maxi (looks amazing with a black column maxi skirt/dress) And just HOW cute is the fur trim and cut in a very sexy way? The fur is soft and glossy a nice contrast to the sturdy wool twill formality. Fastens with one central hook and eye frog.

It is suitable for a size UK large 6 to a small 10 UK with a size 8 being the optimum.

The 1960s saw quite loose box fit dresses and coats which weren't to everyone's taste. The more discerning Mod girls and of course elegant older women used to the glamour of 1950s fitted femininity wanted a little more tailoring. So who better to take advantage than Frank Russell. Those that knew him knew he was inspired by women he observed in the street in London and by popular culture, adapting the looks with his own tailoring skills and love of feminine elegance. He had learned pattern cutting after starting in his father's workshop in the 1930s as a 'lookout' against Oswald Moseley's fascists (he was also an amateur boxer). He then served in WWII as a radio operator seeing action in Italy North Africa and western Europe where he learned several languages, which helped him post war build a brand that was respected worldwide. 


Later in the late 1970s and 1980s Lady Diana and Margaret Thatcher would become customers and the brand was sold in Harrods Selfridges and Harvey Nichols. But in the 1960s it was often the Mod girls as he did some fabulous skirt suits jackets and of course coats, that had the kind of style they sought with extra cut and details. They remained customers right through to the 1980s and 90s and a working class girl could rub shoulders with the best and even outdo them with the edge they had learned growing up with the Mod ethos. So that incredibly stylish dept store perfume counter lady with the French bob you admired in the Mansfield suit in the 80s well she grew up on the label. 


The sixties pieces are much rarer as the label didn't have such big production, but they were made to last and this one in particular as I say excellent condition. Eventually by later 1970s quality faux fur would replace the mouton collars cuffs and trims the label but of course, the real thing is more durable.


Don't hesitate if you like; as I am not sure if I should sell this one and may change my mind!


Vintage 1960s Black Frank Russell Mansfield wool twill jacket shearing mouton

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