Vintage 1950s full needlecord cherry/ruby red coat swing belted fit & flare Dior New Look inspired circle skirt rockabilly corduroy velvet


Fabulous vintage 1950s coat, with huge shawl collar very full skirt, nipped cord belt with ornate buckle. This is the coat you want for over a circle dress or skirt.

There is no label, so difficult to tell you a great deal about it, other than the ornate buckle suggests late 1940s as does the roomy underarm, or early 1950s. (Dior New Look influence there, with the sloping shoulders and shawl collar as well as the volumes or fabric flaring from the waist to mid calf.


So in absence of the maker, what I can I tell you?

What I always attempt to: to set the garment in context of the time.
Who wore such a coat?
Who made such a coat?
What did the coat experience?

Well, she is well made, probably professionally it has features such as