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Vintage 1950s Mouton polished sheepskin fur known UK 'Beaver Lamb' fur coat dark brown flare cut shawl collar deep back Rockabilly Fifties


A fab example of a 1950s mouton fur coat. Mouton is polished sheepskin fur a method pioneered in Hungary 1930s and gave such a sleek glossy effect it resembled far more expensive sheared beaver hence its UK name of 'Beaver Lamb'. So they were very popular as they gave a glamorous sleek soft and warm effect, but not only were they far less expensive than other furs, they were also very study and durable. Having said that, students had a field day with them in the 1970s and 80s and wrecked so many, But this one is in very good vintage condition. 


No marks or damage I can see not even wear to edges to speak of you sometimes get. Retains its lustrous sheen, and has a stunning shawl collar that is deep at the back. This collar look came in 1950 with Bette Davis' mink in "All About Eve", though Celeste Holm wore a mouton (or was it a sheared beaver? See hard to tell watch yourself it's such a great movie).


I'd say its suitable for up to a size 12 or small 14. It is slightly flared, so ideal for a circle skirt or dress too. I would be happy to wear though and I am a size 8 ( I am 5ft 5 ins tall btw ) And while in UK they were the coat of the well heeled country lady , Crufts Breeder (so sturdy you could walk the dogs in them and still retain your glamour)  , or diplomat's wife in Britain (ads featured these at the time), stateside they were worn too by the rock n roll crowd, though that did also come in Britain eventually with many movies featuring the younger set wearing them later 1950s. 
Difficult to say what age this is precisely but def 1950s. The deep collar make me guess earlier, but could be later 50s. 


They were the coat of travelling due to their warm softness and weight. Hard to think nowadays when central heating is everywhere it wasn't like that in the 1950s especially not shops or on buses trains cinemas etc . And sometimes I like to wear one for travel even these days though generally with jeans and boot this style goes particularly well with. They aren't a coat you have to worry about creasing or spilling drinks on they don't get in to the fur its so dense just wipe off leaves dry. And on long coach journeys lets face it you are either cooking in the heating winter or shivering so these you can just throw over you and take a nap. 


So practical as well as I think beautiful and very underrated. A mouton coat now will cost you well over a grand so vintage is a super option, but do take care when buying as some are coming to the age where they are deteriorating mainly because (please NEVER do this with leather or fur)  they have got wet and been dried on radiators or direct heat after rain. Fortunately this appears in great condition still so that hasn't happened to it. Lining is of an age and has been sewn to the hem (usually furs weren't they hung) but otherwise in good condition no tears or wear.


So you want a coat for a 50s event this winter, this is the one, but even if you just want a really warm heavy coat to snuggle in for casual wear with jeans, it's great for that too!


Spirt of the age song:

"Come softly, darling (I want, want you to know, dooby do)
Come softly, darling (I love, I love you so, dooby do)
Come softly (I need, I need you so much, dooby do)
Come softly (Want to feel your warm, warm touch, dooby do)"


Come Softly by The Fleetwoods 1959


Vintage 1950s Mouton 'Beaver Lamb' (sheepskin) fur coat dark brown rockabilly

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