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A gorgeous jacket in chocolate brown wool, with beautiful real astrakhan front in supple soft condition like new. Sometimes astrakhan can become a little brittle
and dried out over time but this one has retained its lustre softness and suppleness.

Made by high end label Rogaire of London, it is a little large for me to model well as it's a size UK 12-14, but it is really lovely and has a belt, though may not be the original the loops fit and it goes nicely with it & is included. Has a lovely little V cut at the back, and can be worn unbelted too; also has a catch closure in front

The style is very c 1959-1961 and definitely dates from this time: was the time when Russian and western fashions were influencing each other, and astrakhan in particular was very popular
coming in from eastern/southern Soviet Republics , where the quality was very high, as trade began to open. So this reminded me of the Vera Ippolitovna Aralova period of Russian fashion: I highly recommend the tv mini series The Red Queen or "Krasnaya koroleva" about her, in which the Dior visit to Moscow is reproduced beautifully well. So Vera invented zip ankle boots, which the Soviet system had refused to sell the designs to western fashion companies, so they were simply copied, and became the rage with Vera making nothing from it.

So I have tried to recreate this kind of ankle boot & pencil skirt period look with the jacket, but tbh it is fab just with jeans & long boots for a more contemporary look.

In excellent vintage condition sturdy and no marks, holes or damage. I am always fascinated by how these garments stood the test of time where modern garments and up in landfill in a year; and what was happening in the world when they were made. !961, Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space, Russian horses came to Aintree for NIcholas Silver's Grand National and this jacket could for example have been worn to such an event. Sadly the thaw in fashion cultural & sporting relations would not continue as just a year later the Cuban Missile Crisis happened. This jacket saw all those things, and is still here like new! Make it yours and own a piece of history and make a style statement too! And remember, you are the custodian for the next generation.

Vintage 1950s 1960s Rogaire of London wool mix jacket soft astrakhan

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