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Vintage 1950s 1960s dress silky poss rayon shimmery lavender blue bronze sleeveless bandeau shoulder neckline summer full skirt bow v back


Delightful true vintage late 1950s early 1960s sleeveless dress, with a real period c 1959 cowl front v back bandeau neck/shoulder line where beneath the bandeau is shoulder structure so it doesn't slip down; sits tight and relatively  high at front while at the back there is a shallow v, culminating in a central bow & 'ribbon' drape.


While it has no label, fabric content or lining it is probably skilled seamstress made as the neck/shoulder line & darts are very difficult so I think it more likely a 'model' dress. 

It is a lovely shade of airforce to dark lavender blue , with small subtle bronze leaf motifs barely noticeable but ideal for teaming with bronze fawn or subtle mink brown, as well as blue accessories. The bandeau has a faux 'jewel' embellished trim.


It is a small size, and if you want an earlier 50s look this is ideal for a petite size as on me )I am 5ft 5 ins) with heels it feels a little whereas someone closer to 5ft it will give that more traditional 50s length ideal for jive etc. It is a lovely dress to wear to the horse races, or Goodwood Revival (if you have a period 'blue' mink, or even a mink colour mink stole ideal!),  though watch the wind unless you are wearing a petticoat! It WILL blow up on a breezy day!

Because of the bust darts it is best worn with a bullet or cross your heart bra to give the proper structure.


One problem with the dress: on the back it has a tiny tear a couple of millimeters which doesn't appear to be fraying or worsening; likely caught on a thorn at some point. I struggle to find it usually so that is how unnoticeable it is but be aware of that; reflected in the price or I'd have it double.
I also shot the dress before properly steamed and the light was merciless i showing slight creases that weren't noticeable when I took it out. So it is a dress that will likely need to be hung and steamed after sending to you though I will do it prior and do my best to pack it properly I do have 20 yrs in retail fashion dept store wrap!


Beautiful original 1950s dress for a song! Talking of songs, I have chosen 'Blue Angel' as inspiration by Roy Orbison from 1960 as the bandeau structured dress neck/shoulder line & slightly shorter less full skirts came in 1959/1960. If you need a petticoat underskirt (modern) talk to me I have available at reasonable price and if you buy the dress I can do an even better price.

"We'll have lovin' so fine, magic moments divine
If you'll just say you're mine I'll love you till the end of ti-i-ime
Don't you worry your pretty head
I'll never let you do-ow-ow-ow-ow-own
I'll always be arou-ou-ou-ou-ound, blue angel..."

And she has been around now for over 60 years...will you be her next custodian and love her till the end of time?


Vintage 1950s 1960s blue bronze sleeveless bandeau neck summer dress

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