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Vintage 1940s or early 1950s Venetian Red (brick to rust terracotta) dress with shoulder pads mid calf cross heart v neck wing collar fit & flare 


Fabulous 1940s dress in reasonable condition no major flaws a few light stains ( which I hope will come out with dry cleaning will try to get round to it before sale but if they do it will go up in price accordingly. A few repairs have been done eg under arm sewn but holding.
It appears to be a rayon fabric ; and typical of the 1940s there is a side zip (which means you have to be careful stepping in to it or pulling over head) in metal. 


It's a UK size 8 though would also fit a size 6 with a support bra.


Foundation garments would bring the dress to 'life' : I am wearing a bullet bra and it needs such structure beneath. Waist is cut high and it's a decent flare in the skirt which may be indicative of either late 1930s or early 1950s; but likely 1940s. You can wear an underskirt with it; though it is not full circle, to give it a bit more structured flare; though it moves perfectly nicely without in a more 40s manner. While perfect for a 40s or 50s event it would also be lovely to wear for a cream tea as a day dress.


The colour is unusual it is a very nice deep red to terracotta; I'd say a Venetian red: ie a pinker shade of iron red; like a pale brick. Has a lovely bronze cabouchon like button at the junction of the V over the cross heart.


It's very 'romantic' dress : one can imagine it swaying to the sounds of a Big Band of the time: hence my reference to the song 'It's Been A Long, Long Time' by The Harry Jones Orchestra & Kitty Kallen; a song younger folk may be familiar with as the one to which Captain America finally gets his dance with Peggy Carter in 'Avengers Endgame'. 


No label; so I think possibly expert seamstress made at the time rather than 'home-made'. Likely made on a fitting model to refine as it had a few missed stitches I have pulled out. Nice details on the bust & neckline too unlike a home-made piece. But I'd suggest it has been worn quite a bit and while no significant fading or damage other than those mentioned, it is clearly of an age and needs wearing with a little tenderness. It's been here a long, long, time.....and I think may have been kissed rather a lot!



Vintage 1940s or early 1950s Venetian Red dress (brick) dress

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