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This is a simply breathtaking quality couture mink coat: the colour is incredible and varies from a soft slate grey in some lights, to a warm thistle in others, to a sapphire blue. It's closest to the natural mink known as Blue Iris but it's slightly bluer than that. So difficult to describe and even harder to shoot see how different it looks in different lights. It really is so glossy it reflects the light thrown at it,

It has the shoulder pads and slinky seductive swing typical of the late 1980s, early 1990s. The movement and way it catches the light exquisite. Label is Midnight Mist, Bifanos, Dallas USA. This is a coat that will last a lifetime and be handed down to your daughters. Suits size 8 to size 18, but is ankle length on me at 5ft 5ins though very stylish at that length and wearable, you wouldn't want much less height so bear in mind. Obviously would suit any taller person.

Very rare unusual Vintage 1980s Blue Mink coat Immaculate like new

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