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This Mansfield Cache D'Or label exquisite coat was a sell out sensation in the mid 1980s when it went on sale and retailed then at around £400; mannequins soon being stripped within weeks and selling at a premium among the public. And no wonder. It is probably the finest coat ever to grace department stores. Not surprising the designer the late Frank Russell was called 'King of Coats'. The coat was made in burgundy, lavendar, black, and forest green. The latter being the rarest, and thus reflected in the price as this is immaculate like new. The two buttons on the waist distinguishing it from copies by other designers, and earlier and later Mansfield styles. It is made in a fine blend of cashmere and wool with faux fur collar and cuffs that are removable with hidden velcro strips. A breathtakingly beautiful style, the shape reminiscent of Edrwardian/1940s dramatic cut. The ultimate feminine flattering fit & flare glamour, this is a truly iconic style with the power shoulders, and the current revival in leg of mutton sleeves making it ooze contemporary chic. I am a size 8 and could just about wear it though would look like you are poured in up to a size 12. It's size UK 14 but sizes have changed since the 1980's so be warned though a slim wasited 14 would be fine. UK 8-12 comfortably. 

THis is not a coat for a shrining violet: it is femme fatale power. 

Iconic Mansfield Cache D'Or Edwardian Cashmere/Wool Riding Coat in Forest Green

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