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This is one of my favourite Philip Sommerville hats of all time because not many day hats can take you through to evening with such glamorous statement. First time I went to Harvey Nichols 5th floor cafe I saw a fashion model wearing one like this, and has taken me ages to track one down. 

From the 80s it is suitable for a 1940s or 1950s look, and can be worn to the races or similar events and taken you through to the evening. 


Philip Sommerville is milliner to HM the Queen. 


The crin is moulded in to a rose shape in the centre from above, while a satin bow supports the structure and sits on a black velvet cocktail skull cap.


Epitome of glamour for the femme fatale. 

The Iconic crin rose satin bow & velvet base Philip Sommerville cocktail hat

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