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Stunning Vintage fit flare tie belt 1970s cage panel faux fur & real leather coat beautiful condition mink beige Made in England


This is a stunning vintage faux fur coat from the mid 1970s in exceptional condition. Luxury but everyday wear.

It has a 'cage' design with fur panels framed by leather with leather edging. The leather is REAL so please note.

It is a UK size 12, so a bit big for me as a 6-8 to model really but I'd still wear it as its so fab! So fine for a UK 10 too.

These coats were done by a variety on manufacturers and there is no label in this one except 'Made in England'.
The quality is very high faux fur probably the Belgian fur though,  with a dense thread count cotton base web & content so it was expensive and very much like real mink. A lot of these style coats are nowhere near the quality of this one. 
The belt loops are beautiful 'goldy lookin' chain! And again no deterioration/discolouring  so glam!

Having said that they were designed to be worn, for daily use, whether to work, shopping, the cinema or pub, as well as events,
so even the good ones are often in poor condition. You have to consider the 1970s eg cinemas were often not heated, and even those that were suffered from the fuel crisis. So mid 1970s everyone wrapped up warm to go to the 'flicks'. Especially as a fur could hide a multitude
of sins 'smooching in the back row of the movies on a Saturday night'. Yeah your mum or grandma was no angel! Back in those days cinemas weren't just for movies; and you could even smoke in them. So usually these coats have a fair amount of 'seat' wear at the back, and other damage,especially the poorer quality which you may find on a flea market. This is NOT like one of those pale imitation or well worn. It is in excellent vintage condition. Very soft & sensual and the real leather of course makes  a sturdy difference whereas the faux leather ones often have deteriorated. 

The garments label points out this is a LUXURY item; real leather, so would have been 4 or 5 times the price of the cheaper catalogue ones in this style.


So back in those mid 1970s you'd have listened to the classic Drifters hit 'KIssing in the Back Row' on your trip to the cinema, and cold winters meant alarm back then was of global cooling as well as the fuel crisis. So literally every woman had a fur real or faux at this time. It was a glamorous time even functional wear those days; the time of glam rock. What would you have seen at the cinema? Perhaps an equally British sex romp such as the 'Confessions of a Window Cleaner' etc movies, or a Hammer Horror. In the video I chose Christoper Lee's last Dracula movie 1974. If staying at  home you may have thrown it over you & your boyfriend as you watched the brand new series in 1975 'The Sweeney' , and felt like one of the glamours 'dolly bird' actresses that appeared in it. 'Right guv... your nicked!'. If you had a car it may have been a Ford Cortina and even that will have had a faux fur dash board!

Yes these coats were def for the glamorous working class girl who would have saved for it; or perhaps received as an 18th or 21st birthday which was common practice at the time to get a nice fur real or quality expensive faux. So hope that sets the scene for you re the context of the coat.


How you wear it now, is your choice! The style enjoyed such a renaissance in the 1990s on the runway with Gucci & other designers, that they have since remained as a classic, so won't ever date. Already these are now looking far more edgy than the modern  loose poor quality fast fashion
faux coats; but certainly can be worn for everyday. You will def turn heads in the office or the pub and your lover will love holding you in it. So very versatile nowhere you can't really wear it as it is edgy and stylish, comfortable & warm.

Stunning Vintage fit flare tie belt 1970s cage panel faux fur real leather coat

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