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This is an immaculate real sheepskin coat that probably dates from 1965/1966 the year after Dr Zhivago was made and frog closures became all the 'rage'. Beautifully lined in quilted heavy liquid satin, and edged with soft glossy sheepskin fur. The frogging is exquisite I have not see any as beautiful. This is like new with no stains or marks, that other suedes & sheepskins of this age tend to have and the fur is like new. Warm & flattering too wonderful craftsmanship ! 


I feel like Anna Karena French 1960s New Wave look in this so hence the bob haircut! 

(It's a wig :) ) 



A UK size 8 Made in England. 

Stunning Immaculate frog closure sheepskin 1965 Dr Zhivago fit & flare MOD coat

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