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Spectacular Pure Silk Vintage Ivory Caché dress gown shoulder pads ruched drape 1980s does 1970s does 1930s disco Royal Ascot Lady Dimitrescu


Wow this is SO spectacular and beautiful!
It is a vintage Caché pure silk dress and the drape, ruching, shoulder structure, shape, plunging neckline are real 
'Dress to Kill' stuff!
Hard to imagine in our days of utilitarian and dress down fashion for the night scene that these dresses in the 1970s and 1980s were worn even to discotheques as well as formal events, cruises and the like; but they were.

I call this Lady Dimitrescu's disco dress! Yes sir...she can Boogie...but she needs a certain 'Sang' !
Really, the spectral floaty like quality of pale silk is so special at best of times but when draped and ruched like goodness! Nah...goodness has nothing to do with it darlings this is a dress for a VAMP! Sorry she's a Lady...Just a little Shady naughty dynamite!


But this could be also a very special occasion dress such as a wedding - though you've have to want to upstage the bride (or be a bride IN it they'll never forget!) - or eg Royal Ascot or Glorious Goodwood - but again you'd have to be confident enough to steal the Fashion stakes. You'll very likely end up a sinner if not a Winner! The hat is also listed btw; a vintage Siggi from Harrods.

So Caché started in Miami/New York  the late 1970s and produced fabulous dresses for party wear; the kind of dresses Baccara whose songs I have cited, wore.

The heady days of disco glamour and glamorous proms, disco cruises, glamorous casinos, garden parties etc waned a little in the early 1980s  & Caché suffered and we for a while in danger of collapse. The fashions of Dynasty etc brought glamour back in to style big time and this dress is one of their amazing creations. The styles, essentially a recreation of the 1970s i turn 1930s & 40s elegant draped & ruched dresses, were much imitated by high st fashion with ghastly sweaty polyester, there is NO beating pure silk. It is like wearing fresh air. Fastens with buttons at the back and the shoulder pads don't fall off, you don't sweat, and the waistband is so beautifully finished very Art deco 1930s inspired. The cuffs button with fabric covered small button & loop tight to the wrist. So note I have styled the dress for the pics with long leather gloves but the sleeves are long and snug fit from elbow down; looser shoulder to elbow. The cleavage even makes my small bust look great so imagine what it will do if you are a little more busty ! The hips area also enhances the figure , with bottom of dress very tapered tulip but then those inner layers fiving a little fishtail kick....all very sexual!

Even the polyester 80s dresses well made like this are going for high prices now, and designers such as Alexandre Vauthier have brought the trend right back in to fashion with his jersey ruched drape dresses even in jersey going for £1-£2k .


This is something very, very special and so rare in pure silk. It is a cream, ivory off white colour rather than white, but in the sun or disco lights wow it's bright with the pattern on the silk quite iridescent. To see it against white look at the horse racing image with the running rail.

If I were getting married I'd not part with it ...if I was Royal Ascot or glorious Goodwood bound this year I'd not be selling it. So hurry up before I change my mind and keep it!


It is marked a US size 6 or UK 10 but remember vintage sizes were a little smaller so I'd say it is ideal for a UK 8 or small 10


Spectacular off white pure silk Cache 1980s dress disco races Lady Dimitrescu

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