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Skeletal bird Velvet and waterproofed wax backed Reversible hooded poncho Lee Lapthorne.
This signature piece from Lee Lapthorne features his famous digitally printed skeletal bird design on beautiful velvet . SO verstaile! It can be worn hood down for a statement at the races or a pt. to pt, but if it starts to rain turn it inside out and you have a wax hooded poncho with beautiful lining! But then you can go on to an edgy club gig or cocktail bar and really turn heads there too! UNISEX too....this was actually designed for men....but no way are we letting them have all the fun with such an incredible piece! Lee , a Master Textile designer, is one of the most exciting and respected figures in the UK fashion industry and we are thrilled to stock some of his pieces!
Lee's prints are making waves also in contemporary furnishings designs him to see! His prints are not mass produced so you are actually effectively buying a piece of Art here.

Skeletal bird Velvet/waterproofed wax hooded reversible poncho by Lee Lapthorne

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