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We haven't much to go on on this piece, but it's sensational, dramatic, romantic and very high quality Fit & Flare Maxi style Pure new wool Edwardian style riding coat. Made in England it's a very soft fine but weighty wool. The soft glossy faux astrakhan has been embellished with hundreds of tiny ribbon threads to give it more texture, and edges all trimmed with thread covered frogging wire. And if this wasn't enough, it has marcasiste buttons. It is breathaking workmanship. 

The back of the coat and shoulder structure are reminscent of Mansfield in the early 1980s but the swagger 'maxi' length looks early 70s. Made in England Pure New Wool label, it is intriguing us by who. Not a mass produced garment, but definitely not home costume or student made either. Of course even high st labels back in the day had their higher end pieces, but it just looks too much work and care crafting it to be a high st or even mid range line. 

We're perplexed, but it is special and in great condition. 


Size UK 10-12 but I'm a size 8 and can get away with it

Sensational 1970s/80s vintage Dr Zhivago inspired Swagger Fit & Flare coat

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