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Not sure what date this is; but Precis Petite have given us 30 yrs of classic quality clothing in the high st until recently. But I think this likely 'noughties'.  An aptly named period as we did get down and be naughty with the revival of burlesque and the rich silk velet design on this lovely grey tailored jacket is reminscent of the original burlesque/music hall period. I'd even wear with just a bra underneath tb it's a lovely fit for a UK size 8. But I'm a bit O-B-S-C-E-N-E as Marilyn Manson, the then partner of burlesque star Dita von Teese sang. Though could also be worn eg with frillywhite blouse jeans and boots, or indeed teamed with a vintage plain black dress or skirt  particualrly if it is of or has some velvet; or in fact even with a bold rich red dress/skirt for eg.


So hence the video as if you style it right, it can look quite edgy. Ideal to wear to a burlesque for eg.


Ideal for work wear for that no to greay smart corporate but which will also give you some feminine guile for a special presentation or the like, but you are then ready to go out and catch a show like burlesque a zazz club or even the theatre ballet or cocktails, or formal ocassion like a christening or wedding. or even for that Edwardian Steampunk or goth look. Very versatile!

Precis Petite Silk Wool & velvet mix tailored jacket

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