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A deadly little number from the 1970s, definitely would have rendered Abigail's Party speechless and been more at home at studio 54 Andy Warhol & Helmut Newton would have approved. 


A dress to die for and it's him that will be knocked dead. If you are going to do seductive vamp, borderline legal with a black bra and downright illegal without, this is the dress. 

Bottom skirt part is lined so that part renders it just decent enough as long as you aren't attending a funeral or a family get together! Definitely a Night Fever dress;  D.I.S.C.O. 


No label, but made by someone with fine couture skills, you could just see Bianca Jagger or Jerry Hall in this at the time. Tie belt attached but would look great with a wide leather obi for a contemporary look.


Would fit up to a size 14 but I'm an 8 and can get away with - very loose fitting upper the concertina is exquisite, and the light shines through the batwing balloon sleeves for dramatic effect. 

Organza concertina gauze dress 1970s vintage

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