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Well here's to you Mrs Robinson....

if you fancy yourself as Anne Bancroft in The Graduate this is the coat for you!

The style was already in existence by the time the movie came out in 1968 and had been since the early 1960s; a new 'mod' twist on the rocker style who also adopted it. They were made in all sorts of fabrics and dyed pelts, but this one is a mix of acrylic & 25% mohair so has retained its look well, and became mainstream early on. Leopard print has always had the female 'predator' exotic quality but the style come and go, this 1960s cut has remained in style for 60 years!


It is a UK size 12 now; and that would give it the semi tailored cut it really needs as I am a size 6/8. BUT, if you are my size or below a 12, and like the current looser cut without being that straight oversize box shape, then its ideal I'd certainly wear and have once, with long boots as shown as an alternative look it looks fab! 


This one made for then high end dept store Debenhams. I worked for them until lockdowns put the nail in their coffin and have always loved the quality of their vintage garments: they had been going since 1778 for a reason. I used to get Ben de Lisi for whom we sold a range, coming in to my store with his guests so even in the 21st century they retained some kudos; but it was Debenhams garments of the 1930s-1970s that are most in demand they even sold French couture like Nina Ricci in the 1950s. A sad state of affairs they are now gone form our high st. 

So this is a piece of history as well as a gorgeous wearable item made to last and has, that will last years to come! If it wasn't for the lining in not such great condition I'd price this much higher.

The mohair content gives it its durability and luxury; though also gives it a slightly coarser feel than the pure synthetic so more like a long haired wool.
 The lining has one small interior repair, and slight oxidization at armpits, but the exterior is still magnificent,
with only very slight not noticeable wear at cuffs; and has no odours or stains, or signs of wear outside. It still has a robust structure unlike many completely faux  nylon alternatives of the time which lost their condition quickly. 

Did you know? Mrs Robinson was written by Simon & Garfunkel as 'Mrs Roosevelt' and name changed to fit the movie soundtrack, so the lyrics are meaningless to Anne Bancroft's character in the movie 'The Graduate'.

You will certainly be sex kitten or cougar in this as a quality leopard 1960s cut jacket will be eternally associated with the seductress. So move on shrinking violet nothing to suit you here! Whosoever wears this joins a tradition of glamour, sex appeal and style! 
Let your bad self go! 

Graduates beware and keep away from our daughters....and of course if you have daughters, then hide this one from the kids as the song goes as they will almost certainly 
hijack it for their own wardrobe! If they are young atm, then they'll one day inherit it if you look after it! 

"Laugh about it, shout about it
When you've got to choose....Every way you look at it you lose..." if you don't take this chance to get such an iconic coat!

Mrs Robinson style vintage 25% Mohair faux fur jacket 1960s

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