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This stunning velvet printed scarf by renowned London designer  Lee Lapthorne features bold Purple, blue, teal, black and ivory colours and is backed with dark olive green moleskin. The beauty of Lee's colour palettes is they can bring seemingly unmatchable colours in your wardrobe together for inspired statement in your outfit! Think teal blue purple and green don't go together? Think again! This edgy piece features a Kafka-esque inspired Metamporphosis insect design.Lee , a Master Textile designer, is one of the most exciting and respected figures in the UK fashion industry and we are thrilled to stock some of his pieces! Lee's prints are making waves also in contemporary furnishings designs him to see! His prints are not mass produced so you are actually effectively buying a piece of Art here. Super for either ladies or gents this will turn heads and ladies can wear it as a bold fashion statement by fastening it with a bling brooch.

"Metapmorphosis" Velvet scarf by Lee Lapthorne

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