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Martine Sitbon is a name synonymous with French fashion. Early on she was a designer for Chloe before her own brand was launched.

This is a beautiful soft, iconic 1980s sheepskin shearling aviator charcoal jacket lined throughout with soft deep black sheepskin fur so warm on your back and when you pull the collar up oh so divine. 
Immaculate condition. 

I do have an aviatrix flying helmet & retro googles  that happens to match if you'd like to go with - pm me. I can give you a special price - amazing for an event such as Goodwood revival or mucking about with convertible vintage cars! 


What can I say speak for itself does it not?


Size UK 10-12 - little big for me or I would SO keep!


Look at price of real aviator sheepskin jackets even in high st atm to see what a deal you are getting here for a Sitbon. 

Lovely back design tapered in to waist.

Powerful shape. A last forever piece.

Martine Sitbon sheepskin aviator jacket original 1980s French Couture

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