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Mansfield was the label of 'King of Coats' Frank Russell whose designs were sought after by Royals, celebrities, Sloane Rangers, Gothics, New Romantics & chic rockabilly girls  alike and swiftly sold out for their fit and flare British Gothic romance. Laura Ashley would follow suit soon after but Mansfield were the first, tapping in to their own long established Russian equestrian romance themes Russell established in the 60s following the movie Dr Zhivago. The cut is amazing - real full view is with the coat OPEN at the front ! 

If you weren't there in London early 1980s you have no idea of the bunfights in Harrods and newly opened Brent Cross shopping centre.
Items like this sold out quickly and quickly reappeared on markets like Camden to Portobello Rd and Kensington market a a premium the year after.
You would see Lady Diana, Margaret Thatcher, and a girl with a high ponytail and fifties underskirts sipping milkshakes in a Kings Rd bar in coats like this; 
because while they were £400 (a lot of money then) that was still cheaper than the original New Look coats of similar structure from the 1950s already fetching over £1000 even threadbare.
So THIS was THE coat to have - one of the first of the 80s revival of the Edwardian, 40s & 50s Gothic elegance & Romance.

Just look at the real fitted structure. 

Don't hesitate as these are RARE. Note the button arrangement on the front - so very inspired by 40's/50s it could easily pass for one.

AMAZING tailoring but you need to be a size UK 8 (or maybe 6 or 10 at a push) to get away with it.

This is Great Britain in all its finest fashion glory and I'm Serbian and this is why I wanted to be a part of British style and am proud to be
curating such items; indeed once selling them when I first came to UK as a dept store retail worker..
Sad that so many don't appreciate but if you have read this far you do - don't hesitate. I may change my mind and keep. I was trembling when I first came across this coat please if you don't understand that go away :) 

It is in excellent used vintage condition - not new looking but no flaws or severe wear. The person who owned this treasured it and wore it,
but 40 yrs of life left in it at least kept away from dreaded moths who have a taste for cashmere & wool (they aren't stupid enough to go for modern polyester!)
so take precaution if you buy. You are the curator of this piece for next generation and its story.


If you were there at time you may have been working as waitress in a cocktail bar when you first saw this beautiful Mansfield cashmere wool & velvet fit and flare riding coat- fave label LadyDiana, SloaneRangers & NewRomantics.
Back to the early 1980s with our gif. Which two songs referenced?

Mansfield early 1980s Iconic coat - one of the first fit and flare 1980s does 4

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