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Luxury Vintage Bruno Magli Shearling sheepskin fur swing jacket coat 1990s? Leopard print dark panther green pink undertones sensual


Wow this coat is something else! Sensational piece! I have been in touch with Bruno Magli and the current staff don't know it so assume it's not from any time recent, and the style and the colouring (I know eg Versace did unusual coloured animal prints at that time and dark grey animal print faux furs were in big time) would suggest 1990s but cannot be sure. One thing for sure it is that high quality it is authentic for sure and indeed staff didn't even question that in person or email. 


If you are gonna do mob wife then doing it Italian is the way to go! Especially with a bit of rock chick edge added.


So this is suitable I'd say for a size UK 6 right through to a UK 12 ; optimum prob a size UK 10. . I am a size UK 8 and 5ft 5 ins for height. 

No closure in the design. 


It's very high quality shearling sheepskin which has had a stunningly artistic stencil work on it. The colour is a dark grey with black jaguar or leopard rosettes and indeed it is reminiscent of a black panther when the sun illuminate its rosettes. But then there are subtle verdi gris pastel green and warm rosé to mauve shades. I have never seen anything quite as beautiful colour wise tbh. 
I may decide to keep this one actually so be quick before I change my mind. 


"Oh, she's a Dior girl
Twisting round the world
Midnight crush boogie scene
Firm fixed expression
Sensual, tender, smooth
Sexual panther, beautifully cool
Come on little honey
Come on now, please
Come on little honey and dance with me
Sweet soul sister"


sang the Cult in 1989 but it became a firm fave on the dancefloor throughout the 1990s at the rock clubs I used to go to when I first came to London. And apart from the 'Dior girl' bit it is apt, and easily Magli and Italy can substitute for the theme. Which is of course about retaining one's own cultural/fashion identity while also loving global and American influences such as music. And indeed while Magli still design and manufacture in Italy their HQ is in New York now. 


And thematically, the panther references, the smooth and sensual, are all very appropriate for my 'Spirit of the Age' and garment choice song. 

The jacket is every bit as elegant as a panther for sure. 
Suits many style but has a bit of a rock chick feel to it for sure with thigh boots and the high trapezium swing shape; which falls longer at the back and rises at the front all in all a very sexy provocative piece; and such luxurious sheepskin and quality as you'd expect from the Italian Couture house.


I mean what more can I say. If you are a Sweet Soul Sister & a sexual panther then this is your soulmate of a coat for sure. As I say be swift though because the more I look and try on the more I think it's mine too...

Luxury Vintage Bruno Magli Shearling sheepskin fur swing jacket coat Leopard

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