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Loose fit vintage leopard print jacket mohair content half belt at back 1960s 1950s prob Lister Katmandu fabric Beatnik Rockabilly


Fab little leopard print jacket dating from the early 1960s I'd guess but also suitable for those looking for late 1950s gear.

Can be worn loose fit on a smaller size but it would be a UK size 14. Ideal for a UK 12 with still that loose casual fit.


The cute half belt hangs loose and low for a 'casual' Beatnik look of the time. In the video I am dancing to 'Jungle Cat' instrumental by The Four Fours who were New Zealand's finest Rock and Roll band of the time ie 1963. This little jacket def has a bit of Beatnik edge of that time and one can imagine it worn with tight black jeans and a beret daddy-o, or maybe hanging out with the ton-up boys. 


The lining is intact though a little marked on the hip areas through wear but no sign of immediately impending wearing out.

No labels but pretty sure it is Lister of Bradford Katmandu faux fur which means it has that unusual 'real' texture of mohair which made up a significant part of the fibres.

Handy flap pockets and lovely wooden buttons.



Loose fit vintage leopard print jacket mohair 1960s 1950s beatnik chic

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