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This is an adorable Teena Paige late 1940s early 1950s dress in purple velvet - in perfect condition no fading - with pristine ivory/straw coloured
piping and beautiful stitch work, It's not lined so you can see it's stitched our from the piping, not applique design. 

Whoever has owned it has looked after it as so many velvet pieces of this time have faded, but this is so rich. 

Teena Paige specialized in day and evening dresses for younger women and this could suit either: it is very comfortable to wear, 
and light, so it would be ideal for a garden party or cocktails on the hotel terrace on holiday.

Looks great with a straw coloured summer hat. And as soon as I put it on, made me feel in should be a femme fatale up to no good a canteena down Mexico way.
in the 1940s; don't know why but these 'characters' come in to my head when I wear a vintage garment that is what I love about vintage! 
Something a little latino about it I think. 

Lovely pleats on the front, mid calf length, and looks best with a bullet bra as all these 1940s and 50s dresses do. 
1940s scoop sweetheart neckline with a little v cut in front, and a cap sleeve. Piping appears to be a silky thread.

It's a UK size 10 so just a little big for me or it would be one I'd keep; so versatile as it's glamorous yet not too
formal and very comfortable.

Waist is 28 inches, and bust 36 inches

Late 1940s purple velvet dress Teena Paige beautiful stitchwork design

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