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Vintage Late 1940s early 1950s jacket fitted Dior New Look influence very fitted tailored wing pockets fine wool weave


Exquisitely fitted ladies jacket dating from late 1940s early 1950s that has many of the features of Dior's 'New Look',
in exceptional condition. It has a fine wool weave and darts and tailoring in all the right places. Which means its going to be at its best 
with a bullet bra, or similar foundation garments. You could wear it undone, but obviously this was designed to be about the silhouette.
It can be worn with pencil skirt of full circle skirt.

The lining is also panel tailored, so its a substantially well constructed garment, probably couture of high end and has been clearly well cared for.
There is one half inch repair in the sleeve lining but that is the only sign of wear.


The wing pockets are fab, though pockets are lined they are so shallow as to be practically useless so they are actually a pure aesthetic. I've seen this before n Jacques Fath jackets from the period. There is no label, but it is a very high quality piece, with those sloping shoulders and tight sleeves but with underarm room suggesting late 40s or early 50s. Collar is rounded and there are 4 fabric covered buttons. Certainly feels very period Parisienne, but of course Lillie Ann and Swansdown and many major US and UK design houses of repute were influenced by the New Look. The sleeves are shirt cut short for wear with gloves. 

Very comfortable to wear under a big 1950s coat; tailored like a second skin, and fairly light in weight and easy to move in. Nice job by master tailoring.

It is a UK size 8.

Late 1940s early 1950s jacket fitted Dior New Look influence very tailored

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