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"I don't wanna know your name
Cos you don't look the same
The way you did before....."

And my didn't we look fine in the 1970s, with our flared check skirts and our huge fur collar coats, and big platform bots stomping (because that's the only way you could dance in them!) to The Sweet?  And this coat is soooo sweet...

So this fox isn't on the run she looks just fine ...the way she was before....when she was made in the 1970s by the Kanematsu Gosho Corporation.

1972 had seen Japan host the Winter Olympics, their airlines had the famous dancing crane logo now, their airline hostesses rocking navy & red, and it was an opportunity to put them on the world fashion stage, and Kanematsu and Gosho had merged in the late 1960s and listed on the Tokyo Exchange the following year 1973. Textiles and leather were one of their areas of expertise at the time and this is a real quality garment, beautifully finished. 


We are unsure of the exact date of this coat as the big fur collars were in throughout the 1970s. Play Misty For Me saw Jessica Walter in 1971 wear the style , and we were still wearing 
them keeping us warm through the Winter of Discontent 1979. No coincidence the style was a reboot of the 1930s styles when all around was tough, a big glamorous fur collar 
was the antidote! So the longer styles with tie belt were in very early 1970s, and again c 1975-77. So we think this dates from about 1975/76 when coincidentally The Sweet played
in Japan. 

It is a dark navy blue, including the collar and has lovely section cuts on the back. Tie belted, no other fastening.

Suede does tend to show wear a bit, so there is some slight wear to the belt edges but otherwise this is in very good condition with no stands or deterioration.
Size would be suitable for a UK 6-10 I would say, though a small 12 may get away with it. 


While the collar is fox, the suede isn't heavy weight so not great for really cold weather but ideal for Spring Autumn and milder winter days or over thick sweaters: big cowl neck mohair & angora jumpers and scarves were generally worn with these. Looks great with red, and of course white, or other navy so if you have a lot of that in the wardrobe this is a great investment!

Japanese made stunning vintage navy blue suede & fox collar coat 1970s

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