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Size UK 8 Marilyn Anselm for Hobbs Tweed suit


Kate Middleton's favourite label.


You don't see these very often - recently I saw one, two ladies were fighting over it in a high end dress agency and apparently it sold out and very rare. It has in addition to the super cut, gamekeeper pockets with leather buttons and also on cuffs with single fastening button in front. 


Who knows the lady who lost that fight may find this - or could be yours!


Ideal for a day at the races in winter Autumn or spring but equally practical for country pub or office. 

Marilyn Anselm the designer name the company after her favourite horsebox, so she knows this style well and I have rarely seen it as well cut as this. 


It looks brown in the photos but it def nears the green with a red window pane check. 


Looks fabulous with a wide leather belt too - I'm wearing my own here but can get you something similar that goes if you like the look. Hat and gloves are avilable on the website seperately. 

Immaculate high end tailoring Hobbs at their finest - 100% Wool Tweed suit

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