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This is gorgeous but too big for me to model really but wanted to bring it to life as its exquisite! Immaculate condition dates from early 1960s. Very Peyton Place, or perhaps a vamp on an early episode of The Saint, but equally very weaable for the modern day. Very warm for a day's chilly jump racing, especially with the mouton collar which stands up if required, and windproof mouton cuffs: exposed wrists are one of the easiest ways for body to lose heat so these are lovely.  


Harella were a very prestigious British Fashion House skilled craftsmanship, made in Halifax Yorkshire UK with UK wool (a mix with viscose lovely texture resulting) and sheepskin fur. 


With the Atomic age pattern, I feel like English country lady meets Champs Elysees in Autumn and then goes to an undergound Parisienne Jazz club. Not often you can have an outfit that can take you anywhere day or night, and looks smart, chic, and cool. 


Marked as a UK size 16, this translates as a UK size 14 in today's sizes. A 12 would get away with it too.

It's belted with loops. The original belt is lost but mock croc leather belts were in at this time so I added a vintage one which comes with it. 

Harella made in England vintage early 1960s 'Atomic' weave wool wiggle suit

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