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This is gorgeous!

Faux fur tends to only be durable quality wise if it has a high cotton content in the pile, and this has. But while they were a popular relatively reasonably priced alternative to the fun and seductive blue fox & black cross white mink they sought to imitate, they often haven't survived in such pristine condition. While we'd excuse an oxidized vintage white fur a la Bolls in Ashes to Ashes, nothing worse than a faux which has discoloured, or lost its lustre & sheen due to getting wet. With high cotton content this in minimized and this actually states 100% on the label. Anyway it's like new! Pristine!

All the rage in London in the 1970s and sold by chains like Van Allan, as well as higher end department stores , they were repeated right through to the early 80s in this very fabric, but this style isn't excessive in the shoulders but still there: the style emerged in the late 70s in fact. The label is Astraka of London, and the London 'new waver' or disco diva in this fur & thigh boots would have been going out as the then still bowler hatted commuters were going home! I imagine they crossed paths in the shoot idea! 

Looks fab belted, but the belt not included though I have some wonderful black soft Obi leather belts coming soon this would be even better with.


A UK size 14, I'd be happy wearing it as a UK 6 so versatile size wise.

Gorgeous white black tipped Cotton faux fur jacket c 1978

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