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Gorgeous Vintage 1980s sheepskin nappa leather 1980s does 1930s flying jacket aviatrix colonial & FREE real sheepskin flying helmet/goggles!


Perfect for those inspired by the pioneering female aviator, this one comes in colour that will match your colonial adventure fatigues, or look equally as lovely on a jaunt along to the high st or pavement cafe or pub, for when it gets a little nippy...or even for that cool breeze of the beach, or your point to point: it's only the colour that is sheepskin so you won't overheat light to wear. The leather is soft and supple with a semi matt finish, but not suede: its a fine quality nappa leather. Made in the UK by Wallace Saks in the 1980s.


Our video story is inspired by Lady aviatrix Lady Mary Bailey who along with Egyptologist Gertude Thompson , were first to photo Egyptian archaeological sites from the air lamenting the mess the RAF had made of attempts. Getrude also proved conclusively the Shona origins of Great Zimbabwe, also causing an uproar to the then consensus racist science. Lady Mary setting a record for longest flight Croydon to Cape Town, and her Gipsy Moth DH 60 impounded by Egyptian authorities who feared for her safety until a British lieutenant vouched for her so she could complete the Cairo to Luxor leg.
Also we have available the Laura Ashley listed sage lemon jacket seperate listing!


As I looked across from the Crystal Palace sphinxes to where Croydon airfield once was, I was inspired to make this tribute to them!  So they were quite a pair and stylish with it! 


The style & spirit of the aviatrix is perhaps where our 'we've come a long way baby' spirit started; and wearing them a challenge now also to 'consensus' narratives on sheep being bad for climate? You won't freeze in these even at altitude! No fossil fuel required, and to think 
the hides in this jacket also fed thousands at the time. This was made to last, and has. Great thing about leather is the older they get the more character they get! Do you have the strength of character & intrepid style to wear? I will throw in a pair of goggles and real sheepskin flying 
helmet as shown, in the price! I'd like this to find a home with someone who appreciates the style & statement on real sustainability and real feminist spirit!


A UK size 10 but fine for a UK 6 to a small 12.

Gorgeous Vintage 1980s sheepskin leather flying jacket FREE helmet/goggles

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