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Gorgeous vintage 1960s dark cornflower blue 100% silk wiggle dress with train by Margaret Paynton romantic knee length


Ah I know this British made 100% silk 1960s vintage 'going away' dress had a happier romance than the Roy Orbison song of the early 1960s, as it was purchased as a going away dress for a bride, and would have been breathtakingly romantic floating in the breeze of a continental honeymoon destination. Oh it is so beautiful I can't express words, the way that train floats lifts by gentlest of breezes.


It's a UK size 8


 "I'm in a blue blue mood
Now that you're gone away
I'm in a blue blue mood
It's been a lonesome day
I'm in a blue blue mood
I see you everywhere
I reach out to hold you
But you're not there
It's just my blue blue mood"


What a delight it would be to wear to a special event like Royal Ascot or a formal summer garden party , graduation or special dinner date on a smart 'terrasse' with cocktails or champagne. I don't know how many men would get this, but I am SURE the gentleman of fine education in matters of sartorial elegance  will. If he doesn't fall head over heels for you in this dress he really is not worth having it's a good litmus test!  


I shouldn't need to explain it to the ladies I am sure you can see how uplifting it is to see this in movement & cut. Such a dreamy a wiggle dress with its own movement is rare and special and lovely colour that dark cornflower to muted pastel navy.


Grecian cowl drape front and v neck back add even more to its otherworldly graceful charms. Truly beautiful don't hesitate. I've had a special wear from it myself too so time for someone else to.

Gorgeous vintage 1960s dark cornflower blue 100% silk wiggle dress train

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