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A gorgeous 1980s cherry red vintage jacket with faux astrakhan wing collar & cuffs by Country Casuals.

The jacket is 80% wool, soft and warm, but light, and the faux fur is glossy high quality faux made from cotton & viscose,
like a long haired velvet made to look like astrakhan. With the frogging half belt at the back it is another that dates from the
early 1980s with influence like Russian cossack romanticism, as well as that very English Sloane Ranger period associated with
Lady Diana's style.

A gorgeous jacket a UK size 12 semi tailored rather than very fitted, so can forgive a bit of bulging in wrong places and still
give a very nice tailored look, and can be worn open or buttoned so very comfortable.

Gorgeous 1980s does 1940s 1950s vintage cherry red Country Casuals wool faux fur

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