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When it's good it's wicked at the same time
Burning all over and i feel fine
When i'm good and wicked at the same time
Cruisin all over in Pink Sunshine

So went the lyrics to Fuzzbox late 1980s hit Pink Sunshine, around same time as this suit in fine wool by Mansfield, and 'King of Coats' Frank Russell's
label.  The great thing about Mansfield is they were all class & quality with a number of their creations having a strong nod to edge, that make their garments 
now the perfect mix & match with different styles garments. Cannot stress Mansfield quality in fabric & structure enough! I know I sold it in dept stores
and nothing ever came close despite the vast majority of labels then being of high quality.

This piece has a pencil skirt, and a fitted jacket with bustle back yet figure hugging in front & side! Exquisite design! 
There's a nod to Muglers' 88/89 collection with the vivid pink, not quite fuchsia but almost there; just having that slightly more subtle
raspberry (great with a raspberry beret too!) hue you'd expect from Mansfield rather than Fuzzbox bless their hearts! RIP Jo....such a great fun band with solid punk roots but knew how
to transition to kitsch sexy. Mansfield by contrast were all class & sexy.

And you know what they said in Audrey Hepburn's 'Funny Girl'.... Think PINK! 

This is a size UK 12 and I am GUTTED it's too big for me; the jacket worn alone is spectacular, but drowns me somewhat so a size 10-12 it's going
to sculpt your body to slay your suitors!

Good & Wicked at the Same Time..Think Pink! Vintage Mansfield late 1980s suit

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