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Who's going to be the cat that gets the cream daddy-o ?

Beautiful glamorous and alluring edgy real 1950s mouton (sheepskin) coat with incredible stencil leopard print pattern.
When these were done well they were a work of Art in themselves and this has been done oh so very well!

I love mouton - this will have fed 2k people and produced perhaps 50-80 wool garments some of which will also be in existence they are the ultimate in sustainability
AND will definitely lessen your reliance on fossil fuel so very, very warm. Class and glamour written all over this baby, so a pin up girl's delight.

It is cut with a loose fit so made to drape beautifully over a full circle skirt/dress so if you are rockabilly leaning then get with the beat Betty & Babs
and do the job properly! Lots of awful ones out there this is the real luxury McCoy in terms of quality.

The fact this is already 70 + yrs old don't let that put you off: it has been well cared for, and has no brittleness associated with furs that have been dried after a soaking near
direct heat: you can't do that with pelts they dry out. You just lightly shake them like your hound dog does when he's a wet.
This will last you a lifetime if you care for it as well and they require little cleaning: sheep fur or wool just need an air if they get a bit smoky or pick up other smells.
This has none has almost that brand new very fresh wool in fact. Was made by Martins of London a quality brand who specialized in moutons
and sold high end dept stores

The only other care advice is while this is ideal for those cool evenings in a pub garden, a gig or vintage event, take care nobody has the audacity to spill their
beer over you, even though mouton can resist a bit of liquid a la water off a ducks back that's not the point. So be ready to move your talons back from retract
and display to anyone a little worse for wear who even looks like they are getting too close for comfort, with true kitty cat attitude!

This is the ultimate femme fatale coat for the fifties girl. Meeeeooooowwwwww

UK size 10-12 though I'm a UK 6 still looks great. Very heavy but somehow it doesn't feel so on it's kind of floaty. Lovely shawl collar which you can pul up for warmth round your neck to reveal the lovely striped satin lining.


Genuine 1950s Full length mouton (sheepskin) leopard print stencilled fur coat e

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