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"Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more"


Well you will be over the rainbow if this dress ends up as yours. A Gay Gibson model, it is simply sttunning. Semi circle skirt with new look cut waist but thirties inspired drop waist pleat, it is a masterful piece of garment technology tailoring and design.  Gay Gibson was a famed  Kansas City Missouri label by The Gernes Garment Company.


Can be worn with or without the underskirt, it is cut to show the three inches of the latter which was made popular by Dior. Hasn't got a full circle swing but the stiffened pettocoat does give it nice shape for silhouette or dancing though it can be also worn without. It is still very nice but once you've seen it with underskitrt it is a different piece altogether so I would highly recommend.



Like all vintage pieces this has some slight imperfections. But it is wearable and it is reflected in the price. 

Gay Gibson 1950's dress

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