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I love this entire ensemble so much I have decided to sell as a 'styled to go' ensemble.

It features:


1970s/1980s does 1950s 100% cotton dress by UK brand 'Shy', in a shade of green between mint julep and a 1953 Hudson Green Hornet.  normally £89
The dress is boned and belted and lovely Egyptian cotton.


A sheer silk headscarf long enough to neck & head tie £ 25


A light lovely quality soft dense black lovely lustre, contemporary faux fur stole, fifties style. £49                                                                     

A pair of shades in the classic retro 1950s kitten shape done to an original pattern  £25                                                                                                   

A pr original 1950s gloves; glove makers Royal Family Pinkham gloves silver embroidery £69


Black contemporary brand new underskirt     £25                                                                                                                                      
Black raffia hat made Madagascar classic 1950s style can be fashioned different shapes    £49                                                 

So that is SEVEN pieces included in this listing just add seam and heel and you are ready to rock the Riviera in style! 


And if that isn't enough, at a VERY special price of £235 inc global postage for well over £300 worth of wardrobe a combo of true vintage & quality repro, you will get a great gift (as available) of vintage brooch for your stole to stay in place should you require.


Please feel free to contact me for styling: my clients always get special discounts and entire ensembles for cheaper and items sourced for them should they require. And, we win Best Dressed & Vintage events regularly! You can do it on Etsy , give me your brief, I will source for you, ensemble from my immense stock, and list here so you can buy reserved for you! Weddings , races, vintage events, red carpet, holidays, whatever the occasion take one less problem out of your stress and let us do it for you!

Ensemble vintage green dress, gloves shades, hat, silk scarf, stole

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