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Possibly not French but looks French! Dates from the early 1950s c the time of 'Azure Te' Sinatra 1952, Wild Bill Davis jazz instrumental cover with added lyrics, also NOT French: it was a  meaningless corruption agité! The Jacket comes from a Bournemouth ladies store Sidney Smith, which did sell French & Swiss labels but this has their own label so unknown whether made UK or possibly France. The only internet archive record concerns an estate managers office above, annoyed by the stores loud music maybe jazz! 

Anyway this is a little too big for me to model I'd say it's a size UK 10 to small 12 and needs to be worn with a bullet bra, which I have but I don't fill it out enough as I am only a size UK 6-8.
So bear in mind if you are a UK size 10 to small 12 (with foundation garments) it will look better on you, especially as I say with a bullet bra. Looks fine with circle skirt as worn here but actually even better with a long pencil skirt.

The fabrics appears to be a mix of wool silk & rayon thread, and has a slight sheen to it but lightweight. Peal button and a lovely fitted structure. A garment of some quality, with that Dior New Look influence evident.

Early 1950s jacket black silk rayon wool Dior new look influence Sidney Smith

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